About Us

Originally founded in 1949 as Fenwood Bowen Limited, FB-AVAK remains a family-owned company. Our name is a reflection of our heritage as Fenwood Bowen and our recent acquisition of Avak Mpp.

Over the years, our product knowledge and experience has grown, along with our customer base.To find out more you can download our brochure HERE

Investment and Expansion Equals Long-Term Success

We know that in order to realise success over the long term that we must invest in the future. That’s why we continue to embrace new technology and expand our operations. In 2008, we relocated to a new 20,000 sq ft freehold site on the Surrey/Hampshire border. This larger site provided us with added flexibility, allowing us to provide high-volume production as well as regular kanban orders as we continue to offer a comprehensive service for customers needing low-volume and one-off models.

The Machinery Required For Jobs Large and Small

FB-AVAK offers an impressive number of vacuum forming machines – 12 in all – ranging in size from 500mm x 300mm up to 2.0m x 1.2m. Our four 5-axis CNC machining centres, as well as a fully-equipped pattern shop allows us to offer a complete service. We utilise both traditional and modern tool-making methods, combining the best of both worlds to create superior products for family-run businesses to blue chip corporations.

Cost-Effective Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Whatever the size or application you have in mind, FB-AVAK can provide you with a cost-effective solution. We are happy to assist you at the concept stage of your product development, and can ensure the efficient and cost-effective manufacturing of the parts you need when you involve us early on in your design process.

Get in touch

The best service is our number one priority. Discover why our customers love to work with us by visiting our contact page, or calling us on 01420 477411.

Vacuum Forming

At FB-AVAK we have been specialising in vacuum forming for over 40 years.


Our vacuum forming service does not stop at moulding and trimming. At FB-AVAK some of the products we manufacture will require finishing and assembly and we have a broad range of processes available.

Prototyping & Production

The key to a successful moulding is good product design with vacuum forming capabilities designed in at an early stage, so the earlier we can become involved the more streamlined the process will be.

CNC Machining

We have invested in four 5-axis CNC macines in capacity from 1.0m x 1.0m up to 1.5m x 1.0m. The nature of the 5 axis head allows complex shapes to be machined accurately time after time.